Yo Pataki is a re imagining of the Hey Arnold characters as young adults. The series (hypothetically) would center around a 26 year old Helga Pataki who is now a bartender works at the family owned business, Big Bob’s Cafe.




When Big Bob’s Beepers goes…



summer lovin
had me a blast
summer lovin
dick in my ass








Sometimes even a character with the smallest role in an episode can go through many different designs. Here are some concept designs for the pawn shop owner.  Notes in red by our art director James Mcdermott.

The “Furry” Problem




Fair warning: there is some slight language in this post.

My name is Jonathan Ponikvar. I’m the creator of Peter & Company and an avid cartoon fan; I have been trying (successfully or not) to draw them since I first discovered the magic of crayons and markers. Like most kids in the 80’s I grew up watching a crazy amount of cartoons. My favorites were the cartoons and films of Warner Brothers, Disney, and Don Bluth, so my earliest and crappiest of doodles always revolved around those characters in some way.

As I grew older and began seriously getting into cartooning, I noticed something odd going on around me: the cartoon animal was quickly becoming an endangered species. The animal designs of the 80’s and 90’s TV cartoons were being seen less and less in modern times within the industries that they helped create.

How could this happen? Are people just no longer interested in funny talking animals?

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This hits so home for me when it comes to Rat Rage. A must-read. It really sucks when I spend over 15 years crafting a solid story only for people to notice “they’re furry!” and IMMEDIATELY write it off. Give it a chance before you pre-judge for crying out loud. (And this is coming from someone who primarily draws humans more.)

OMD - If You Leave
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If You Leave - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Some Crash figures leokasper there’s the polar/ crash piggy bank!
Sadly I might have to sell some of this merch because money issues :/
So keep an eye out if you see anything you like and I might make a post for stuff I’m selling.